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What Happens When We Go Missing?

Updated: Mar 29

“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.” – Lamartine

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you went missing?

Every week on the news, we hear about people who go missing, from the youngest to the oldest. Some are runaways, and many are kidnapped or hurt. There's a type of anguish that goes through the body when we find out that people can just disappear. They are completely normal and with us one day and then poof, they are nowhere to be found. I can imagine that many parents, siblings, friends, and even co-workers begin feeling uncertain when one goes missing. Many questions go through their heads.

"When was the last time that I have seen them?"

"Did I ever see her with a new friend?"

"Could I have done something to prevent this?"

Many thoughts and questions race through the individual's mind. At that moment, the person is overwhelmed with fear and just wants to know if the victim is alright.

Well, I wonder if you have ever noticed that those who go missing have usually never actually left the room. They aren't on the news or running away. They are in the living room, at the birthday party, with the kids, etc. But, they are missing.

Once, my mentor asked me, "Morgan, what would happen if you went missing?" "What would the world miss out on?" My first initial thoughts were, "Why is this such a deep question?" "Why don't I know how to answer it?"

So, I continued with what ifs' in my head. Until I finally found an answer. I said, "If I went missing, the world would miss out on a woman who gives voice to the young people and speaks of the hurts that are unspeakable." My mentor was amazed by this. Then, he answered, "Well, if that's the case, then imagine how God feels when you abort your mission and go missing? You cannot do that which you were called into the world to do. You aren't giving voice to the young people and aren't allowing the hurt to feel heard."

I began to weep at his remarks because I felt something that I had never felt. Not in a conference, not throughout a Sunday morning service, and not even during a one-on-one prayer. I felt like I was needed, needed in the world, and that my presence meant something. And after that, he didn't say much to me but gave me space to think. So, I thought, and I reflected a lot on my life.

I have gone missing again and again. When I feel like life is getting rough, I don't want to fight, but I want to throw the towel in. I want to watch from the bleachers and I don't want to play on the court.

I mean, seriously, play on the court where people are being hit hard. They are scoring, and then some are losing. Some knocked to the very ground, and many have serious injuries. I think why not just take the luxury of sitting way up here in the bleachers, letting them play, and me just along the side, since I don't believe that people are actually watching me play the game, or even that they miss me playing.

No, at that moment, I am soaking. Soaking in that life isn't going the way I feel it should, or that it's not progressing as I want it to. When you are up there for a while, you realize that even the ones who plan their life and live it according to the rules and parameters they set. They have their bleacher days like me too. When we are up there, they are saying, "I just want a break." While I'm usually up there saying, "Why? You are perfect for these games, and everybody loves you down there!"

You see, other people notice when you go missing. They know when your light has dimmed. They know when you are on the bleachers and no longer playing in life. However, you somehow don't feel like you make a difference because you can't see you. But, if you ask yourself the question, "What happens when I go missing?" I guarantee you that you will find that just like those on the news, calling for their children, siblings, and friends.

God is calling you. He's calling us. He wants us to get down from the bleachers and play in the game called life. He wants us to give up being right and play.

I can see him calling us from near and afar. Come from your places of hiding, come home. We miss you and your smile. You are needed in the game. And really, the game cannot go on without you. So, let's come from being the missing child to the child who has been found.

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