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Two Valuable Lessons

Updated: Mar 29

Today’s post is short and sweet.

I have realized that some things that we learn aren’t easy to grasp. What I mean by this is that we usually face challenges before personal growth. We all want to become the best version of ourselves. And wow, does that require a lot of discipline!

Today I learned two valuable lessons.

1. Your voice is your power. Every time that you speak, it is landing over there with “them” in a way. It can either be positive or negative, but it’s important to note. You don’t have to be rude to make your point clear. And you can use your voice powerfully without being loud. I learned that when I use my voice intentionally to say how I am feeling, it will stick powerfully with the individual or group of people that I’m talking to.

2. Making choices, not decisions. When we decide to do something, it loses its power. I can decide to go to the store with my mom. Or I can choose to go to the store. They are two separate statements. When I make choices, I am certain. When I decide, I’m settling. I dealt with this very briefly today, yet it was the most impactful. I was about to decide on a choice, and I felt the difference between making a clear choice and deciding if it was the best one or not.

My question to you is will you use your voice powerfully? And will you make choices, or will you always decide?

Try studying this by looking up the definition of the words and discovering if you could be more powerful when using these words and making choices.

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Until tomorrow, keep Creating Creators!

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