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The W.I.F.E Movement

Updated: Mar 30

I have observed the W.I.F.E Movement emerge through social media. I discovered that they were dedicated to shining light on beautiful women. What I loved without knowing much about the movement, at first, was that they were speaking life into us. When I say, "Us," I mean, women. It is spirit-led content, inspiration & encouragement for the soul. Ironically my love for the page turned into a connection I didn't fully picture in my mind. This happened through, a prayer call, that would later be dropped on the heart of the founder to join. This prayer call for women has opened the floor for candid conversations that are heartfelt and opens the door for undeniable connections. I thank God for this call because I believe I was able to meet women who will change the way you ever hear the word wife again! Enjoy this story, and the history of the movement changes itself.

The W.I.F.E Movement!

The Founder of the W.I.F.E Movement is Myia Smith, and the co-Founder is Skyi Williams. We work together as a cohesive team, the W.I.F.E Movement could not exist without the other. God specifically told me that Skyi needed to be the co-founder of this ministry with me. Although He is yet unfolding all the reasons why we needed to do this together, one reason that became apparent is we complement one another. In an area where I may not be as strong, she has the needed strength and vice versa. Even in our personalities, we bring a unique balance to the W.I.F.E Movement as a whole.

Founder of Wife Movement Myia Smith
W.I.F.E Movement Founder, Myia Smith

Co-Founder of W.I.F.E Movement Skyi Williams
W.I.F.E Movement Co-Founder, Skyi Williams

God laid this ministry on my heart back in 2018 as I was a senior at Frostburg State University. Although I had started one ministry on campus, as a senior, I did not feel I had the adequate time to begin this successfully. At this time the name in mind was going to be S.A.S.S (Serious About my Sis Salvation). Turns out the “I don’t have time," was just a sophisticated excuse due to fear. In 2019, God reminded me of the mandate, placing it on my heart all over again, however, I still put it off finding more and more excuses.

If you know God you know He did not let up, I begin to feel the pull more than ever at the end of 2019, almost like a now or never don’t let fear rob you of this God-ordained opportunity. On the last day of the first month of 2020, I finally launched the W.I.F.E Movement via Instagram. Little did I know all of my delaying, procrastination, and excuses pushed me right into God’s perfect timing. I received confirmation after confirmation; it’s time. God had spoken very clearly to me; “starting is the start. Give me something to bless. You’re waiting on me and I’m waiting on you. We can wait or we can work.”

The W.I.F.E Movement is an acronym and a play on the word wife actually standing for Women In Full Effect. The mission is to encourage, equip, and educate women to be in full effect spiritually, emotionally, physically financially, mentally, etc. understanding that our worth is not rooted in a relationship, ring, or a man; with or without a man we are women in full effect secure in God. We strive to redefine the meaning of wife through this movement because there exist many wives currently merely playing the part without possessing the posture. Or conversely, many women are aiming to be a wife for all the wrong reasons not knowing all it entails. The Bible says in Proverbs 18:22, “He that finds a wife, finds a good thing [...],” well to be found as a wife you must first be one, and being in full effect keeps you in position to be found.

The WIFE Movement is a women’s only movement, however, much of the content we put out is applicable universally. In conjunction, we do have some plans to incorporate some means to provide beneficial insight to some areas. Overall, the idea of making it our responsibility to cater to impacting women specifically is if we can effectively reach the women, we simultaneously reach the men and children as well because these women are or will be girlfriends and wives to men as well as mothers, aunts, godmothers, etc.

We have many plans for the W.I.F.E Movement that will come to pass in Jesus' name. One of the biggest plans includes creating a W.I.F.E Movement headquarters where women will be able to come to be equipped to be a woman in full effect. This means this facility will house and offer different schooling and school funding opportunities, clothes, shoes, food for women who may be less fortunate, business and financial courses, and funding for women looking to start or sustain businesses, organizations, etc. We will have a website coming soon and have also been thinking about launching a YouTube channel to increase our reach. We have been prophesied to multiple times about the W.I.F.E Movement being global and going to the nations, which is one of our plans as well for the movement to never stop but to become contagious having hubs all across the nation.

Thus far, we have seen the W.I.F.E Movement have more success in impacting women than we ever imagined when in the planning stages. Through the W.I.F.E Movement, we have given countless women exposure to their brands and business directing more customers, followers, etc. While giving them a safe space to share the raw story behind what they represent. This has simultaneously encouraged many women to finally begin what they have been purposed to do by seeing that it is possible no matter where you are in life or that you have been through in life. We have blessed mothers and non-mothers alike via cash giveaways. And we have also spoken life into many women via our Sunday Sip segments where we uncover the deep and sometimes hidden things that work to keep us from being women in full effect (these can be found in the IGTV section of our page).

To any woman who does not feel like she is a woman in full effect, we would encourage you to not disqualify yourself just yet because a woman in full effect does not mean having it all together. Part of what allows you to operate fully recognizing that areas still exist within you that still require growth, you still make mistakes and choose incorrectly sometimes, and you do not always get it right. But a woman in full effect never lets pain inhibit purpose, she never lets life inhibit living, and she never, ever, allows struggle to inhibit success. It is always progression over perfect, so the mere fact that you are a woman who is still here after all you have experienced, baby, you are a W.I.F.E, and you can only get better from here, so do not be so hard on yourself.

Through the W.I.F.E Movement, women are reminded that they can do all things through Christ. We are wholeheartedly, and unapologetically Christian based, we are the founder and co-founder, but God is the foundation, and without Him, there would be no W.I.F.E Movement.

So, when a woman experiences our page she sees Christ, she sees women who are making it happen, and owe it to Christ, she witnesses the power of Christ to heal, set free, and deliver things that inhibit her while seeing how the power of God pushes us into purpose. The W.I.F.E Movement provides reminders, revelations, and reality that Christian women and women in general need to start or to keep going in what God has placed inside them.

And, there you have it, ladies! You are well equipped to become a W.I.F.E (Women In Full Effect).

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