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The Unbreakable Graduate

Updated: Mar 30

There will be some women you meet who will quite literally make you feel understood. These women cause you to smile and feel happy. The woman we are highlighting today has done exactly that for me. From the day I met her I have just smiled and listened to her tell her testimony. I've had the pleasure of hearing her explain her life, triumphs and I've watched her accomplish what many could not.

I choose to highlight Erica Harmon's story for our blog for two reasons.

1- She was ready.

2- She embodies everything we (Capri Couture Creations) represent!

Today, you will read a story of great bravery and strength. More importantly, you'll see God's hand all over this women's life. Enjoy, and let her know she's not by herself. Through all of this, she's got us!

Who is Erica Harmon?

My name is Erica Harmon. I am originally from Salisbury, Maryland, but I moved to Baltimore to attend Morgan State University. I received a Bachelor of Science and started working in the mental health field, but it was not my calling. Later, I was offered a job teaching Health for Baltimore City Public Schools. Which led to my teaching first to third grade. I took a leap of faith and pushed into teaching private school students to gain more experience. All while studying for my Master's Degree and teaching kindergarten.

I received my Master’s Degree, in May 2020. And I am not done yet. I believe I will be Dr. Erica Harmon. That being said, I am currently in my doctorate program. I enjoy teaching but, my goal is to be a principal. I am a huge family and friends kind of person. I will go above and beyond for my loved ones.

2020 has been the worst year for me and yet the best all in one. My family faced tragedy concerning my dad, who is still here and doing well. I thank God! My Dad is my rock. He's one of my favorite people. I talk with him on the phone often. So when he turned ill, many glasses shattered in my life. Although I was devastated at the turn of events. I was able to get a new truck. I completed my Master’s degree. And now pushing forward into doctoral school, move in a new home, and started teaching in a new County! So many blessings wrapped in a year of chaos and pressure. Blessings can make a bad year feel great. I have learned how to fight not just for me but also for my family.

Explain your life so far in three words and why?

My life is a testimony. I have been through so much: I was raped in high school right before leaving for college and still came to Morgan to get my education. Suffered abuse in a relationship and so many other things while trying to get a bachelor's degree! I used to say things broke me but when I look at my smile, and I see the blessings I still have in my life. I realize I am "Unbreakable." I have been through so much. Behind this smile, degrees, houses, and cars is a story. But I am not a broken woman!

What accomplishments are you proud of?

Right now, it would be my earning my master’s when life was crazy. While studying for my Master’s I found out my only Uncle had cancer. I was teaching my first year of third grade Math and Science, plus going to John Hopkins Hospital every day. Not knowing what was going to happen with my uncle. Eight months later, we lost him, and I questioned, God, being a healer. At the end of my degree, my father took ill, and doctors said he wouldn't make it 24 hours. After hearing that news, I was determined to finish my degree. I knew my father wanted me to finish. Plus, God gave me the strength to do it while handling everything for my family. So yes, I am proud of this degree because I wanted to quit so many times, but I didn't!

How have you learned to pray through hard times?

During my time in college, I prayed ALL the time. From abusive relationships (that I couldn’t get out of), losing two babies, almost being put out of school because of grades, chasing a relationship I shouldn’t have been in, dabbling in drugs, parties, abortions, and the list can go on. It was nothing but prayer. Through persistent prayer, I received the Holy Ghost and was baptized. Although, in sixth grade, I was saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, I needed to believe in Him with everything I was experiencing in life. For me, that started with trusting Him in prayer. I know after all of these tragedies it was the Holy Ghost that was my protection.

In what ways have being in school and supporting your dad impacted you?

Honestly, I have a video of my father playing around preaching about my education. I often go back and listen to this video to encourage myself. My dad wanted me to get all the education I wanted. My father only has a High School Diploma but he pushed me, my mother, and my brother because when we get something he gets it too. During the time supporting my dad, homework was my peace. Weird, I know, but I was able to lose myself in my homework.

When you're down emotionally what did or do you do to keep going?

I am honestly not completely healed from all that I have endured. I have learned how to push through anxiety with more prayer. I no longer take anxiety medicine, I did for a while but when life is crazy I can’t sleep. I've always suffered from anxiety attacks. Today I've adjusted my habits. I usually read the Bible. I also journal a lot when I am emotional. I used to be the girl who would smoke weed, party, and drink to clear my mind but not anymore. I have overcome being in a relationship that was not healthy. I have overcome many things, but that was a stronghold in my life. Just being able to have a voice in a relationship is something I have overcame. Not being scared to express myself to my partner. Do I hesitate sometimes, yes but I say what I feel. I am still a work in progress. I have more things I'm looking forward to overcoming.

What encouragement would you give a woman who does not feel like they can complete school with troubles in her life?

People often tell me, “Erica you are carrying a lot of weight. What do you do for Erica?“ My response; I get in my books because no one can take those degrees from you. Think about your future family. The kids you may have. I want them to be able to say, “If Mommy could get her education during some hard times, so can I." Everything I do is for my current family but mostly for my future family. So my children can see the drive I have to make sure they are good and know education is important.

How do you believe that your story can encourage Christian women to pursue all things through Christ?

I believe that women who may have been abused sexually, emotionally, and physically can pursue all things, but they have to give it to God. When life gets hard, you go hard for God and You.

Congratulations Erica Harmon on completing what most cannot do during a season of grief. The Son of the Lord will continue to shine on you and bring you much love and healing. - Morgan Banks

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