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The Clarion Call

Updated: Mar 31

Have you ever been disturbed by a scream or siren?

If you have, I'm almost certain you were frightened and a little, if not a lot, annoyed. The scream makes you want to find the person and shake them, and the siren makes you want to track down the vehicle to explain the disrespect. Oh, well, you're disturbed.

What has drastically changed now is your position; you're no longer at complete peace. Here's an example of how I felt on August 31, 2019. I was living in a deep dark tunnel. I feared movement, looks, and even conversation. I didn't want to be bothered or looked at. Then, on this day, it was a Sunday, I attended a service that Elder Darryl Brown of Baltimore, in Maryland, preached at the Carpenter's House of Baltimore. His message was titled, "You've got what it takes to win." In my most defeated place, he says that!

The Tunnel

In fear, I realized I didn't want to come out. It felt better to stay in my tunnel and hide. I didn't want to be exposed to the light that could see all my scars, wounds, fears; but, he still declared it!

This is what I call my "Clarion Call." It was a call to my spirit, not my soul, mind, or flesh (body), but my spirit. My spirit knew that there was more to my life than what I had succumbed to, and at that moment, I was reminded to take the talents that God gave me and work on them (See Matthew 25:14-30 - Parable of Talents). Well, because I was so bound by sadness and grief, I resolved in my mind that I wouldn't win even though he said I would.

He fought for me in that room. Maybe he didn't know it, and perhaps he never will, but God will use anyone to bring His word. On that day, He used this man of God to say what I didn't believe in my heart; yet, my spirit did. It knew that I was the head and not the tail and that I was above and not beneath.

His final remarks, "Use what you got," and make being a follower of Jesus Christ all worth the trials. I didn't have much; no faith, no praise, nothing but tears, but God willed it out of me on that night to try again and to work on my assignment.

Maybe you can't remember the manservant or the woman servant who one day made living easier for you? Maybe you can't see your grandmother again to say thank you for all the prayers she prayed? Perhaps you don't feel you have enough strength for the next battle? I understand, this was me. I was wondering if I was enough to win and it turned out that I was!

If you struggle with believing that God speaks through others, just take my story for instance. I would not be where I am, had this man not sparked the flame to a fire that I was eager to put out. His assignment on that day was to ruin walls of depression. Mine didn't fall that day, but they were sure lit on fire for a tearing away to begin. Your season may be a process, but don't disregard the moment God comes calling for you in the tunnel. He cares for you.

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