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Surviving a Loss

Updated: Mar 31

Are you trying to learn how to get through loss? Struggling with a death in your family? I have lost some people close to me. Although we all know about grief counselors, I didn't know where to find one. So, some like me needed to walk through the numbness and the cold seasons of grief. I didn't understand fully what was going on with me. I believe we all handle loss in different ways.

My way was silence. Listening to my friend, Jasmine Hayes, talk about surviving the loss of her father, brought tears to my eyes. Our stories are not similar in the loss or levels of loss. But, as a friend, I listen and sympathize with the places that maybe some of you are in? Maybe you are wondering if you will ever recover? Will it ever make sense as to why they are gone? Will the sting ever leave? Will you notice the hand of the Lord in your heart?

She talks about how she has overcome this stage and even how she continues.

-Morgan: In what ways can you look at death that makes surviving a loss manageable? We know it won't be easy but how?

-Jasmine: Stay close and in communion with God. Also, remembering that if you can shift your focus to see that their legacy will not leave with them. You get to carry it out. For Example, I knew my father died but I also knew his legacy wouldn't die with him. A lot of times we allow death to have us die with them. But, he still lives through me.

Meet Ms. Jasmine Hayes, a local elementary school educator, and singer. With her big personality and joyful spirit, her faith was tested after the death of her father in 2011. It was God who kept her during the storm, and it is still God who keeps her today. Through the tests and trials, heartaches, and heartbreak, wins or loses, the Lord promised to see her through it all.

I met Jasmine when we were attending the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She was loud, funny, and so entertaining. When I met her, she was in a healing stage. She was masking things, and she learned through major experiences how to plow through. She is so bright and intelligent. Jasmine is now one of my closest friends. We began growing closer as friends after re-connecting through a group that I started alongside some friends from work and high-school called OutPour, which is a prophetic singing group, where we sing the words and heart of the Lord.

When I asked Jasmine to join us, she was super excited through text. But, I later found out she was a little nervous, inside this bright woman, you will see the sunshine and light of the Lord. The Lord gives her humor and friendliness to recover all. And indeed, she has. I want you to be encouraged today by my friend's story about overcoming a loss. Please follow her on all social platforms and follow her messages. The Lord indeed speaks through her.

Below you will find her video which, tells it all. She tells her story of triumph, and she pressed through by faith, take a look!

Word of the Lord: Eyes have not seen what I will do for you. You will walk through a series of dreams that will bring you to the awareness of half my plans. Stay curious about my presence.

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Instagram: @VociallyUnique_

Facebook: Jasmine Hayes

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