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Spiritual Maintenance

Updated: Mar 30

Hey Creators!

So, in the last few months, a lot of things happened. Which I know is not unfamiliar for you. Every day, we have to manage various things that are going on. Well, as for me, I had just created the blog and was walking into purpose.

All of a sudden, I got sick, and it was for at least a month. I was extremely exhausted and runny-nosed. I thought to myself, "Not right now, I'm on a roll with the blog, and I need to be posting and updating you all about my life and experiences." At the time, I had about 30 posts up. And I did not get to get those out. So, I focused on pushing more content.

Along the way, I decided I did not want to be a typical blogger. By this, I mean posting creative things like content, blogging about my everyday life and what is going on with me day-to-day, and writing about how I manage everything.

For a certain period, I went under spiritual maintenance where I allowed God to work on me. I remember thinking to myself, “Okay, God, you have asked me to publish this blog, now what?” Although I did not have answers for a while, that is when I learned something bigger than I expected - I had more in me. I began working on more ideas and creating more things to bless people.

I know that when we have ideas, we hope that everyone will love them. We want people to be excited when we reveal those ideas and desire that others celebrate us. Well, God prepared me for this journey that he was taking me on. And this journey did not involve human interaction, but it was one on one. Sometimes I believe that God gives us tasks to draw us closer to him. Honestly, I could not encourage anyone without him encouraging me daily.

I hope that this week, you are learning many lessons, and I pray you are not complaining about how hard things may be because, I promise you, that God's about to use it for your good!

No tear will be wasted!

Keep Creating Creators!

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