• Morgan Banks

Single Mother Diary, Entry Two

Updated: Mar 30

Here we go again, another day and time of wondering. Wondering how long I will be a single mom. Calculating the time that I have already spent alone. Yet, remembering that God is with me. As a stay-at-home mom who runs a business, I have had moments of feeling inadequate and even unnoticed, mostly because I am pouring in so much time into my son and his whereabouts, cleanliness, and appetite. And I remember that I also need to be cleaned, fed, and aware of the next thing on my agenda.

Social media has been at the highest rate for social dating or even connections. Yet, communicating in person has become slim to none. Maybe I'm the only person who has discovered that finding a man who is okay with you having a child is hard to find. Now, with no effort at all, I am sure there is someone who doesn't mind. But, lately, I've been pondering on a big question.

"Why do women accept a man with kids but certain men don't?"

This diary entry was for me to help me out, ladies, so comment your thoughts down below!

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