• Morgan Banks

Single Mother Diary, Entry One

Updated: Mar 30

The word single simply means only one, not many, or several persons. So, for the essence of this series to come to life I will only speak of a single from the standpoint of relationship, and my very boring and nonexistent love life. While many areas in my life seem to be picking up and kicked off to a very desirable and rewarding start. It is also a reminder of areas that are not doing so well. Single parenting is often looked at from the main perspective of being the only parent raising a child or children.

Often, this is the case in many households, but I am grateful to say that this is not my picture. My picture looks like a very healthy co-parenting relationship, a handsome and highly active little boy, and supportive family and friends. Being a mother has kicked off the best friendships, bonds, opportunities, and closure that I have ever needed. I do not talk about being a single mom from a sad perspective, but so to speak, from the lens of a woman who is single raising a son. During this series, I will give you a peek inside the diary of this single Black mother. I express very openly my challenges, mindset, strengths, and focus.

I desire to encourage any other mother who feels like her single thoughts go unnoticed. They are not. I will be bold and share my diary with you in hopes that you and I rely more on God. When I say, “rely on,” I mean that I hold fast to His promises that He will most certainly never leave or forsake us. Not in our thoughts, present, or future. He is a knowing God, and He cares for us. As my diary unfolds, I would like to ask for a non-judgmental review. My story is not yours, and I understand we will all view situations differently. I only ask that you see and read with a clear and sober view of singleness from me. So, grab your tissues because this can get a little messy.

And, ladies, it is okay if it gets messy. We will get through this diary in one piece, so let's jump in!

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