• Morgan Banks

Single Mom Diary, Entry Three

Updated: Mar 30

Well, fall has arrived. When I imagine fall, I usually picture beautiful trees and cool weather. This fall there have been different images. A little boy running around in-between the leaves, screaming at me, “Mommy, let’s play!” Inside, I feel myself begging to be a child again, running in and out of the trees. In other words, the deep part of me beyond that beautiful picture of youthful fun is a haunting sense of loneliness. Thoughts that wander around like loose words on paper.

"Was I not good enough?"

"Who will keep me warm when it’s cold?"

I am just learning how to keep Mari in his bed, so my bed has been awfully cold and dark. So, I am reminded that the Bible says that I am never alone. So, I run to the Bible to find comforting words for this nagging pest of a feeling creeping up my back saying, “You will be alone forever." But maybe you aren’t like me, but let’s say that you were. What would you do about these lonely nights and lonely days?

Well, let’s explore some ideas.

-Order a projector and have a girls night out

-Make new products for your business

-Make fun arts and craft with the kids

-Buy some candles and have a great bath

-Find new music

-Prepare for the holidays

-Binge watch a Netflix Series

Wow, seven things to do throughout this season. We may not be snuggled up in the arms of a man, but we are in the Father’s arms. Because I promised to be as transparent as possible with this new series, I will be honest and say that I dislike a lack of companionship. However, it is necessary!

Just know that you do not have to mask your pain or try healing your wounds, but let Him see them and heal them with time.

Leave us some feedback for this week’s #transparency.

Also, if any of our seven fall fun brings you joy, share your pictures with us!

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