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Posture Check 101

Updated: Mar 30

Y'all know that famous verse, Jeremiah 29:11, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" What a wonderful, promising verse! It is printed as encouragement on everything Christian, but what about the verses before then?

Jeremiah, the prophet, tells Israel that God says they're about to go back into captivity for seventy years, and while they're there, they must build and prepare for the greater, but how would you have responded? If I can be honest, I believe most of us would throw tantrums like we're a bunch of two-year-olds. I know I have. But, when we throw our tantrums, it is time for a "posture check." A "posture check" is when we take the time to reflect on how we are approaching what God has allowed in our lives. Are we approaching God's decision with gratitude, honor, and praise? Or, are we approaching it with the spirit of entitlement? I believe that most of us have gotten to a place of "give me, give me, give me," and not being grateful for what Abba has graced us with.

In 1 Samuel 12, Samuel had to remind Israel of the countless things God had done for them and how they had turned away. Just take some time to reflect on all our Father has done. I did that in prayer and lost it! I couldn't believe how spoiled I had been acting, but I was reminded that we can always do better and be better because of our gracious Father. After that, I just kept hearing the word "posture." It was like an emphasis on the word when I heard it. So, how do we posture check?

Step 1: Reflect on your response to God's decision of your current placement. Ask yourself, "am I upset or irritable about it?"

Step 2: Repent. Always have a heart of repentance. We don't know how many times a day we may offend God or our brothers and sisters.

Step 3: Give thanks, praise, worship, and honor to whom it is due, God! Our Father is and has been better than good to us. When we decide to have a positive response, it gives us hope and joy because we are believing and resting in His power!


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