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Morning Worship, Surrender

Updated: Mar 29

Good morning to you all!

My writings have never been in any specific order, so here I go.

I was sitting at my desk one morning when I realized I had changed. I saw that what used to break me was now making me. I realized that what I used to take personally, I no longer saw as a personal offense. For the next few days, I pondered on exactly when this had happened. When was I released from these thoughts? I couldn't pinpoint the day of the release, but what I could do was this, I boldly and gratefully acknowledged the day that I was given the gift of peace. I had a newfound sense of peace about my future and over my current storms.

In the mornings before I received this gift of peace, I would find myself crying uncontrollably. I was worried; I was anxious and just all over the place. Let me also add that I was pregnant. A huge factor in this all was the pregnancy. I know that many people can tell their stories about how crazy their pregnancies were, but I felt like my story was embarrassing and just downright horrible. So, my mornings often started with me going over my failures and assessing the damage.

I started to seek help from my amazing community of family and friends, and through them, I began receiving what I like to call bits of morning motivation or morning worship. With their encouragement, I began getting up in the morning to pray. I prayed for my son and myself. Instead of channeling all of the horrible things going on in my life, I started praying. I understood that nothing that I worried about would change that it's happening, so I dusted myself off and kept walking until walking was all that I could do.

Here's a great daily morning thought and affirmation:

"I surrender my mind to the Lord, have Your way in my thought patterns, emotions, and desires this morning. I yield my day and plans to You so that my morning can be filled with worship."

Yielding your thoughts will allow the Lord to redirect your focus. When I began to speak this over and over myself, I saw that my problems became a distant song. I noticed other people and their lives. I was not focusing just on my crazy life, but instead, I looked at how I could help others, while I'm going through difficult things.

Your Word from God: The Lord does not want to punish you with the circumstance in your life. He wants you to rise above them. He wants you to walk with them. You will look up and see peace in the next few weeks if you follow these instructions of giving your thoughts over to the Lord. Be encouraged, creators, for you will stand and see the salvation of the Lord in your lives.

Keep Creating Creators!

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