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Leaving Homosexuality to Follow God

Updated: Mar 31

Okay! Buckle your seat belts because this is going to be a bumpy ride. The topic of homosexuality has been in the world for years. Yet, every time it's discussed there's a feeling you get in your stomach, it's that weird feeling. The church has spoken up about the way the Lord sees this lifestyle but they haven't done much loving on the people. So all over the world, you find people starting churches that preach the acceptance of this lifestyle. All because we as Christians haven't found the correct way to address it. Today specifically I want to bring you all into a place in my life that I never talk about. Maybe it's because of some past shame. Or simply because I don't think the church or Christians truly know how to talk about this topic. We run to conclusions and jump to assumptions but we don't look at the heart of all the issues. Starting with me and my story.

I remember being in middle school when I began to feel small feelings for a girl who befriended me. She did dress like a tom-boy but I never really thought much of it. Until she told me her feelings for me in the middle of what I thought was just a regular friendship. We would talk on the phone for hours. Our conversations were merely regular teenage conversations. Until the day she spilled the beans. She uttered the words very softly, "I'm gay Morgan, you know that right? And, well uhm, I like you." In a moment of confusion and slight panic, I just nodded with a cool undertone to give off no judgment, "Oh, okay I mean I guess I like you too?" With shrugs on the other side of the phone, I started thinking maybe I do actually like her? But, I was not sure. Our conversation quickly started to turn the corner. She asked me a lot of stuff about and if I knew the life of a lesbian. In total shock, I said, "Yeah, duh." This then opened the door to my undeniable addiction to pornography, but that's for another post. Oh Lord bless my child-like mentality! I was so lost. Now I could go on and on with my fight for this relationship I had with her. But the spotlight isn't on me today it's on my sister Kylia Jackson.

I secretly understood her story far more than she could imagine. My middle school undercover and secret relationship never went public but it was always public in my heart and to God. Years later in prayer, I confessed what I had done to the lord. I feared ever telling anyone that. Especially after accepting salvation through Jesus Christ. I found comfort in Romans 5:8 which says "But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." He died for me when he knew I would stumble, trip and fall right into sin. Maybe your sin wasn't particularly homosexuality but, drugs, fornication, evil speaking, fighting, etc. However, He still died for you before you made the mistakes you did.

Years later, I would be met by the divine guidance of the Lord. Kylia. We met on the set of a show we were both asked to participate in to shed light on stories of faith and triumph. Onset she came to introduce herself to the 6-month pregnant girl in the corner afraid to even speak on faith with a big belly and no ring. That was me, guys. She walked over and introduced herself. I was absolutely happy that she did because I was so nervous and felt so under-qualified for the opportunity to speak on any platform. She told her story boldly on that stage and I knew with that type of boldness she had come into a true encounter with the love of God. Just like me.

We were destined to be friends, just look at us!

Kylia is an intelligent, bright, and God-fearing woman who Graduated from the great Stevenson University, located in Maryland. Today, you will hear her story of triumph and great leap into faith. I'm honored to be her friend and share in her wins. She will captivate you with her story and she will tell her story boldly. I told my story so you can know not even this writer could be exempt from the wrath of the lord or his love. As 1 John 4:9 says, " We love because he first loved us." I love the Lord and so does Kylia because He loved us through it all. If you want more videos on overcoming this lifestyle please follow her YouTube channel Made Whole. She has videos on everything that you need to overcome. Not to mention her Facebook group which is listed below where she guides you with the leading of the lord as your desire. She even goes into the truth about being Gay and Christian.

I have heard this over and over again that you can be a follower of Christ and still live this lifestyle. I'm going to let you watch this and let the Lord guide your heart to the truth. Please enjoy and share the love of Christ through Kylia Jackson's story of triumph and deliverance. And remember John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

So, you're already loved. Now let's walk into the truth of Jesus Christ together in love for who you are and where you are in your journey. All of Kylia's links are below.

A Word from God: Kylia your face will radiate with the light of the Lord. He will protect you from the lies of the enemy and shine His face on His enemies. You are completely covered by the love and blood of Jesus. The Lord is proud of you for not just telling your story but owning it for His sake! More blessings and continued protection be your portion in Jesus' Name!

In this video, I openly discussing being delivered from homosexuality without conversion therapy, struggling to try and be gay as a Christian, and the difficulties of leaving a long-term lesbian relationship

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