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Go Big and Go God!

Updated: Mar 29

As I tuned back into my show, The Haves and the Have Nots, after praying for my family one morning, I heard that Candace saw something so prominent. She was telling her brother, Benny, to think big! She had been trying to buy him a second tow truck for his business, and he responded by laughing it off. As Candace was talking, I heard God say, “Do it with your family." God wanted me to think bigger with my family, and to ask him for bigger.

In my prayer, I had just prayed the simple prayer of increasing, covering, and healing. I have been praying for that for years, so I understand why God wanted me to think bigger. God is a big God. He wants to do more than we can wrap our small minds around. You’re probably like what do you mean by "small minds”? We convey that we have small minds because, just like Candace’s brother, we laugh and shrug it off like, “Oh okay," and pray simple prayers. We get so caught up in what we can do, and not what God can do. That’s fear.

Matthew 8:26 (NLT) says, “Jesus responded, ‘Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!” Then he got up and rebuked the wind and waves, and suddenly there was a great calm.”

We serve a God who can cause the winds and waves to obey. How can we not have faith in the big things he’s able and willing to do? His provision is bigger than our vision, meaning he can provide more than what we can see. We see the bills, lack, car breaking down, friends leaving, we see all that! But our big God can provide more than that.

Abba, I ask today that you increase our faith in you. We see only the little things, but you see the bigger picture. We apologize for our little faith, and what you can do when your word clearly says you can do exceedingly and abundantly overall, we can ask or think of. No longer shall we ask you for the bare minimum. We trust and believe you for bigger and greater things. Our prayers and declarations will be greater now. We no longer have a mustard seed kind of faith but have a grown-up faith. Thank you again, Abba, in Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

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