• Morgan Banks

Get Back To "Work"

Updated: Mar 29

What a weird title for such a time, right? Yeah, it's time to get back into position.

Some of you have been here, ready, and waiting on God. Well, while you're waiting, are you working? Maybe we aren't all at a physical place of work, but there is much work that needs to be done. Things need to be on the up and up from here. There is a wind of creativity that's about to hit the Kingdom of God. Will you hear it? Will you see it? Will you be ready for it? Distractions are at an all-time high right now. There is a storm on the horizon; it's been brewing, and it will hit many people. They will feel the impacts of the storm, but if you're focused and ready to hear from God, He will grant provision.

This morning, I saw many people who have been in their homes giving their lives to Christ. While this is happening, they are searching for the groups that will accept their new lifestyle. Will you stay consistent? Will you be working?

Let's get back to work!

I love you all who consistently read our posts. God is speaking, and I pray that you hear Him.

Until next time, keep Creating Creators!

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