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False Report!

Updated: Mar 31

On a cold winter night in December, I was rushed to the hospital in my small grey 2014 Honda Civic. My belly was aching and tensing up very tightly. After talking to my mother and being instructed to lay down, there were no signs of the symptoms slowing. We rushed to the hospital to check on things and to see if little Omari was on the way. Entering through those large hospital doors, we charged for the elevator. We made it to the fifth floor and gave all of our information to the tired nurse. After waiting about twenty minutes, we made it to triage.

Just some background knowledge, I was told by my regular doctor that I was three cm dilated (which means very close to pushing), which is why I went in the first place. My doctor told me I would be having a baby by New Year’s Day. I trusted her judgment because, well, she had been my doctor for nine months, and she knew me pretty well.

Back to being inside the triage unit, I was checked, and they gave me an IV just in case I was dehydrated (although I told them I had been drinking plenty of water). However, my gut was telling me that my son would soon be coming. When the nurse went to check, she made it very difficult for me to stay comfortable, and they proceed to say, "No ma’am, you are nowhere near having this baby." Ok, so let me say that I had taken off of work for maternity leave prematurely in expectation of an early arrival of my baby boy, just to turn around and hear that the report was false?!

Sometimes trusting God can be like this; we start wondering who is right, and should I trust what I originally heard or this new person who seemed to be just as qualified? Has God ever told you anything about your life, what is coming next, or what job is coming just to turn around and see that it seems to be false?

On this night, I felt that I needed to stop trusting the word of man, and start learning to trust God. What did He say? I knew that God told me he was coming, but I believed the false report. Take everything to prayer. You do not want to get caught with a false report as a permanent report. Seven days later, I was in labor. Doctors thought I was going to be waiting until the end of January, but my son was born at the end of December. The point is: trust your body, spirit, and gift of discernment. They don't lie, but man does. Moreover, trust God! Whose report will you believe?


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