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Equality in America

Updated: Mar 30

My intellectual curiosity was sparked when I learned about the history of the cultural differences in America. America is such a free country, but yet, our minds are broken and robbed of the success of believing that we can achieve our highest potential in the trajectory of our lives. When you look at how the cultures in America interacted with each other, there are many differences.

In the culture of African Americans, you will find so many creative and bold people. You may also find that there are leaders of civil rights and intelligent beings. And even with the display of our ancestors that have paved the way for change, we still choose to belittle our dreams and future to as little as nothing. This particular culture sparks my curiosity because I am part of this epidemic, so many African Americans believe that their circumstances determine the future for them. This has a major effect on me because the thinking of my culture has perplexed the logical and practical intellect in me. In the culture of the Chinese, you will discover that their thinking is the total opposite of an African American.

Having nothing to do with each culture's present lifestyles, they are the opposite. The Chinese believe that they can own anything. They invest in everything that they have and make education a priority, not a choice, instead of going to school for half a year and only on weekdays and mornings. The Chinese go to school all year round and get about two to three hours for lunchtime and study time before class begins again. However, the biggest difference between both cultures is that the mindset of the Chinese is to be perfect at what they have to make what they have perfect but not to become perfect.

Although there are many differences in cultures between Chinese and African Americans, there are many similarities. I chose these two cultures to produce an essay on explaining my curiosity in my intellect because these are the questions that a lot of Americans have about the cultures in America.

Why is it that people think that we're different? Well, it isn't because we look different but because we have different ways of raising families and that our brainpower cannot conceive or comprehend another culture's mindset. The Chinese live a more structured life and achieve all their desires and aspirations, and they have great educational skills because they have the mindset for it. African Americans have so many historians and ancestors who have made the way easier for them to travel and have set standards in communities because of their mindsets, and not because of the looks but simply the mind.

I say all of this to show that looking at the cultural mindsets of our cultures in America sparks my curiosity. This topic affects me because, by understanding the differences in the cultures, I have the opportunity to be one of a kind in my culture. And I believe that our mindsets are what keeps us from birthing out our purpose and destiny defined for our life before mankind. That our mindsets are what's going to determine the answers to the questions that we have at why or why not we as people can't achieve. Because we truly can achieve anything if we have the mindset that creates a solid foundational stepping stool to the fullness of the path in our life. These things are what interest me because it is what keeps me running toward my dreams without allowing them to outrun me but to be right next to me at all times.

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