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Elijah Griggs

Updated: Mar 31

Elijah Griggs is a motivated, energetic, outspoken young man of God, who has

the heart of God.

I am a prophetic voice that seeks out to cause transformation in the heart of believers. My hometown is Newnan, GA. I am a proud Forex trader and a successful business operator.

My life is destined, prophetic, and free, and I say those three because I believe that God has blessed me to be able to live in a place of overflow which has the freedom

written all over it and prophetic because I know I was predestined to be in this place because God always reminds me of where I come from. I'm proud that I accomplished launching into ministry ( Elijah Griggs Ministries) which is doing very well. I’m also proud that I have accomplished one major goal in my life and that is being on TV! I have appeared on The Word Network three times, and it was definitely an honor to speak to the world.

I have learned to pray through hard times just watching my strong-willed mother, Apostle Deborah Sheppard, and my beautiful Grandma, Evangelist Aurena

Hunt. They talk to me about the value and the strategy of prayer. Experience taught me how to hunger after prayer seeing the plagues and the adversity that I have come through because of prayer and has made prayer my daily priority. I have the pleasure of being the CEO of Elijah Griggs Ministries!

I believe that I have been sent to this planet on a prophetic assignment to expose

the enemy and his hidden agendas. I believe God has given me a gift to launch

and provoke people into their next dimension in God! I believe God's providence

has kept me confident in being his mouthpiece so that I stand boldly against the

enemy and his tactics and provoke people out of his chains into their freedom.

People can connect to me via Facebook @Elijah Griggs

Via Instagram @Officiallyelijahgriggs

Via YouTube Elijah Griggs Ministries

The ministry's website


Many can expect true and authentic content on Facebook, every day at noon, I release spiritual nuggets for the week. I also go Facebook live for prophetic decelerations. In this next season, the ministry is getting ready to produce a lot of things for the people of God.

When I get done emotionally I always remember my why! And when I think about why I started I'm always motivated to keep going God has to purpose in the why!

I believe my story is evidence that God can! God shall! And God will! While in

place of transitioning out of the worst season of my life, I knew that God was

capable of doing anything but failing! So, my story defiantly will shift the men's

faith, mindset, and outlook on God.

We are selling one T-Shirt that says Stand Up because God spoke to me

one day in these words and told me that this is the season to stand up!

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