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Business Finance: Dominic Jackson

Updated: Apr 7

Who is Dominic Jackson? (Hometown, job, etc.) and even more about you.

Elder Dominic A. Jackson, son of Felisha Jackson-Magee, and the late Daryl Jackson, born on the 12th of September, is a native of Mendenhall, MS, and a proud member of Evangelist Temple House of Refuge for All Nations C.O.G.I.C. Elder Jackson is a graduate of Hinds Community College and a proud recent alumnus of the illustrious University of Mississippi. He received his B.S. degree in Business Finance with a minor in Education and Political Science. Mr. Jackson is a current Higher Education Administration graduate student at Mississippi College. While earning his graduate degree, he was working at Hinds Community College as an Admissions Counselor as well as Student Government Association Advisor

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Explain your life so far in three words and why?

Faith. Understanding that my entire life is a faith walk. Everything I have done, I am currently doing, and will do has been based on believing God knows what is best for me. Even in times when I don’t understand it myself, He knows, and it is my job to follow while He leads.

Favor. If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the fat of the land. The favor of me having faith in God allows me to walk into doors and sit on platforms that people my age are yet dreaming about. Some have deliberately tried to stop me from walking into places that have downed my name, but the mention of me, but the eyes of the other on me, and in turn then I saw God’s hand and His favor upon my life.

Prayer (Intercession). My spiritual mother, Evangelist Dacia Hunley, activated something in me. In the beginning years of my ministry, she would pick me up in the spirit and always call or text me with the phrase “Wanna Pray?" These two words shaped me and taught me the importance of seeking God's face.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

To be 23 with my own legal business and to degreed currently working on another would be enough. But honestly, I’m most satisfied in knowing that I am saved and knowing that my life influences others. To those that know the fullness of my testimony or even parts that I have told individuals and know that it has a positive impact on them gives me such joy. To be used by God is my highest level of satisfaction.

How have you learned to pray through hard times?

As a born intercessor, it has never been hard for me to pray. Good times, okay times, hard times, prayer has never been an issue. However, it was during those particularly difficult times when I did not feel like anyone would understand, or I could not talk to my friends or leaders, I knew that I could call on Jesus! I knew why I could not lift my head, he would lift it for me. He would give me the peace, comfort, rest, and strength I needed to make it through. My spiritual mother, as I mentioned, saw the gift of intercession in me before I realized it was there. She helped active that anointing and pushed me into knowing why we as believers pray.

What businesses do you run?

It is a clothing apparel line named Faith Apparel LLC. We sell socks, ties, hankies, and our custom slogan shirts but we are also expanding!

What do you believe you are sent here on earth to do?

My ministry is one of deliverance and healing. And, I believe that God has placed me here to be his prophet, to be his mouthpiece and vessel for such a time as this. To show the people the right way, to be a walking example and living testimony of God’s grace, love, and power! In the secular scene, I have a responsibility to encourage, uplift, and inspire those around me. Still showing them that there is Jesus, he cares, and he loves them! I think the biggest thing we forget to do as individuals in ministry is to be real. While some people find it appeasing to hide their falls and failures, I think we should testify and allow people to see that God can pick anyone up and use them for His glory.

How can people connect with you?

They can connect with us via Instagram @dajacksonministries and @_faith.apparel_

On Facebook at D.A. Jackson Ministries and Faith Apparel LLC.

Our Email: dajacksonministries@gmail.com

Our Website: faithapparelllc.com

What can they expect from you?

Realness. People can always expect me to be me and never to defer from it. And to always give them the truth, raw and uncut all while still showing God's love and mercy.

When you're down emotionally what did or do you do to keep going?

I remember July 2019, suddenly my father passed away. It was nothing anyone had seen coming. While my mother will always be a queen in my eyes, my father had such a special place in my heart. One thing I have learned that funerals and weddings bring out both the worst and the best in people, and I happened to be going through both at the same time. This experience truly showed me my relationship with God. I thought I prayed before, but this helped me go to another level. I preached a service the same day as my dad’s funeral, and it was titled Stay There from Psalms 91. I could feel nothing but the strength of God. To simply answer this question, I find my refuge in God. I can be weak with Him and know that I won’t ever have to worry about Him turning away from me. He is the source and the supply of my joy.

What things have you overcome? How do you know you overcame it?

Insecurity. Growing up, I was always the one to excel in everything that I do. Well, when God called me to ministry, I began to compare myself to those around me. The thing about it was that I was so focused on what God was doing through them, that I missed the assignment that He had for me. This was something that I had to deal with quickly to become all that God wanted because it began to set jealousy in my heart. I knew I was over it when an opportunity came forth and someone asked me about a young preacher for a particular service. Realizing that I was not the best for that particular assignment, I recommended someone that I knew would do an amazing job at it. In me stepping back and just being the best version of myself, not competing, or trying to be great, God began to open doors for me that I know only He could. This process was a test that allowed me to improve my character and overall integrity.

How do you believe with your story, you can encourage Christian Men to pursue all things through


I believe my story is one of true faith and how to live through adversity. It has not been easy by any means; I have fallen, cried, bumped my head triumphed, been victorious, laughed at, mocked, and even torn down a little, but I have never deferred from trusting God and knowing that he ways are greater than my ways and his plans for my life will always supersede that of the enemy. I would hope they would look at me and see God’s strength, favor, love, and grace to know if God can bring him out of the fire, and if God can bring him through the wilderness then I believe God can do it for me too! It is time to set the standard and raise the bar so that the true men of God arise!

In this same vein, we must realize that we are only held to God's standards for our lives and not the thoughts of others. If we put our focus on pleasing God, then He will grant us both favor with Him and men.

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