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Who is Chalise Roberts?

My name is Chalise Roberts, I currently reside in Southern Maryland. I was born and raised partially in Prince Georges County, MD. Before the pandemic, I was working at a youth center and elementary school as a dedicated aide to a special needs child. Since I was young I have always had a passion for helping people, babies, and kids in particular. I am very, very into self-care and expressing the importance of self-love. I also love nature and all things involving food.

Explain your life so far in three words and why?

Compassionate. Attentive. I would use these words because I feel like having to prevail was a constant theme in my life. Having to say, "Okay, this happened, now what is next? What will you do to push through?"

Compassionate because a constant theme of my life was just having the softest heart. Sometimes it felt like a downfall, but I've grown to know it's one of the best parts of me.

Attentive because I've always just been in the know - even since younger age. Whether it's knowing too much, or just being in too much. I've always just paid a lot of attention to my surroundings and those around me.

What accomplishments are you proud of?

I am proud of myself for making it to two years of being in business, with no investors, yet.

How have you learned to pray through hard times?

I've learned that what I put into my business is what will come from it. Me getting into a deeper understanding of the importance of prayers helped my business tremendously. The weeks that I'm praying, planning, and speaking authority and life over myself and into my business the more blessings that come from it.

What's Benevolence Skin? How was it created?

Benevolence is my skincare brand that was created with self-love and self-care in mind. Originally, my mom had her own shea butter company called Divinely Fragrant. Initially, my goal was to help her push her brand forward, but God had other plans. I ended up asking her for her recipes for her shea butter. I promised her I'd never whip if I was in a bad mood. Add a little rebranding, and Benevolence was created.

What plans do you have for your business?

My next big goal for Benevolence is to have a store that would double as a lab and warehouse. To get on a Billboard, and to make 10K in a month

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me through Instagram @choliorobio or shoot me an email at chaliserobertss@gmail.com

What can people expect from you?

They can expect self-confidence to shine through, awesome advice if solicited, unwavering encouragement, and just pure honesty. I'm trying to get through life and figure it all out just like everyone else.

What's your favorite product? Which product would you suggest that people get?

My favorite product would have to be my Like Money face mask, I would suggest people purchase a bundle so they could have a whole one-stop-shop self-care kit.

When you're down emotionally, what did or do you do to keep going?

When I am down emotionally honestly, I usually cry. I am a big crier. I've also used many vices in my past but moving forward and lately, I've begun to just stop, and take a deep breath. However, my recovery is getting better. When I feel overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and just say a little prayer. I've also found that when I get to complete emotional overwhelmedness, just literally saying, "Jesus," over and over again helps me to regain that peace inside.

What things have you overcome? How do you know that you overcame it?

I have overcome thinking that my business will ever go back to how it began or thinking it will all end. I know that I overcame this because I always tell people to take their time when placing orders. After all, Benevolence will always be here. I say that knowing wholeheartedly that this foundation is solid, and no matter how it looks like, I am moving forward.

What encouragement would you give a woman who doesn't know how to show self-love or self-care for herself?

I would firstly say that self-care isn't only for women, it's for everyone. I would also say to find the luxury around you first. My self-care journey peaked because I was buying five-dollar masks from Walmart and doing them almost daily simply because I wanted a peaceful moment for myself. I created my self-care routine out of the money and resources that I had, so do what feels good and don't let anyone tell you it's lame. If you can't do it for yourself now, you'll never begin to do it for yourself later because you will constantly feel like you're not deserving. I peaked in self-love when I realized nobody could love me properly until I knew how to love myself. Nothing that God created is ugly, know that if nothing else. Like it is that simple, believe it is so, and it is. Believe you're an amazing person and you care all that matters is you really at the end of the day, nobody else but God knows your true store, so live in that and always stay true to your most authentic self.

How do you believe your story, can encourage Christian women to pursue all things through Christ?

With God, and without many prayers, I would not be here. I still have much growth, but God isn't done with me yet. If you look at my life and are already encouraged to know that God has even more in store for me, I can only imagine what he has in store for others!

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