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Accepting What Is and What Is Not!

Updated: Mar 29

Acceptance is not one of those words that we talk about often. Most individuals do not recognize that we accept and deny every day. Usually, when we prepare to apply for something, we begin to worry about acceptance or denial. However, this does not happen on any random day.

Acceptance is a pill that we hate to swallow. And what I want to talk about is the idea of accepting what is and what is not.

Have you ever gotten mad because your day did not go as planned? Or maybe you got upset because your children did not turn out how you wanted them to? Or perhaps you thought you would already be finished with school and live in that nice condo? Truth be told, we all have those moments where we accept what is not and live in what is.

The story of how Jesus accepted who Judas was as his betrayer is outstanding. And I say that because, as humans, can we say that we ever accept anything? Or, do we become resigned and cynical?

Jesus showed us that, although things will not always go as planned, accept them. When Judas betrayed him as a friend, it did not come as a surprise, but that is not to say it did not hurt. I mean, Jesus probably saw this as a prophecy and thought, "Why Lord? Not my friend, not my friend who I love." I am also sure that he must have even wanted to pray and ask God to stop it. But instead, he accepted it and still showed love towards him.

Later on, in the garden, we see him having an intimate prayer with the Lord. I wonder if we could be this way. And if we could accept that these things will happen and that it is all part of the plan.

People who you love will go out of communication. Your co-workers will conspire against you. The relationship may fall apart. But will you? Or will you accept that you are right where you are supposed to be? Remember, every single step is placed in order by God and that he is leading you.

I want to encourage you to accept that the things you want may not come but what you need is already here.

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