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A Story of Triumph

Updated: Mar 31

My name is Brittany Barfield. I was born and raised in Maryland. I am the mom of an angel in Heaven. I have lots of talents that I do not take enough credit for. I love photography, taking photos of others, writing, and communicating. I enjoy being behind the camera. I recently learned how much I enjoy graphic design. I lost my voice not too long ago, but still love to sing around my house. I don’t care how good or bad I may sound. Growing up, I loved dancing, and lately, I have been getting back into the groove of dancing. Overall, I am a very optimistic individual.

My faith and connection with God have been carrying me for years. I made it my business to speak of the blessings that God has provided. I also feel it is important to share how God has been there for me during my most difficult times. I believe that my connection with God is the most important relationship in my life. I have been blessed with an amazing man that I like to call my soulmate. I believe that God brought me and my fiance together. My life has been unpredictable and is constantly changing. In the past years, I have been from Maryland to Las Vegas, pregnant, and went from homeless to having my own home. Every day, I'm surprised at how it all turned out. Even when I plan, God laughs, so I learned to go with the flow and trust God. Therefore, I'm super blessed to wake up each morning. I've had more than one "death scare," and I’m still here with God’s protection. Every day, I'm blessed and protected. Lastly, the more that I try to control my life, God laughs because He has my life ordained.

I'm proud to have picked up all of my talents this year. I took many leaps of faiths in the last two years. I feel like I've gotten to know myself a little better. I'm so proud to say that I've started my business this year! Also, proud that I came out of my shell lately. I used to be very shy. I'm grateful to say I've grown which has healed my relationships in many ways. Still growing but overall I’m overjoyed at who I've become. Since elementary school, I've always enjoyed praying and reading the Bible. I loved the church. I went to an after-school program at my church and our instructor bought me my first Bible and taught me all about praying and why it was important.

In Baltimore, there is a church on every corner, I remember waking up early on Sundays and getting dressed to go to church without my mom. I learned a lot at my after-school program but mostly about praying and how to connect with God Himself. I run a lash business called Saijecobeau. I've always loved wearing lashes as early as 16. I knew that one day I wanted to have my own business. I slept on this idea for a while because I wasn’t "popular," and thought no one would support me or my business. However, it wasn't until I became pregnant with my princess. She gave me so much confidence and drive that I wanted to be the mom who didn't care about what others thought of me.

If I would teach my baby girl anything it'd be to believe in yourself even when no one else is clapping for you. My fiance also knows how self-conscious I can be sometimes. I sat on the lashes for maybe two full months before launching the business, procrastinating. He said that I'll never feel fully ready, it’s something you just have to start and perfect as you go. I listened and launched my business in July, the month that we were supposed to have our baby girl. I felt like I birthed my business in July and that meant the world to me. I struggled with a name for my business, I had a "friend" steal the business name that I thought of years ago, which was a bummer. Then, one day I thought that this business is my baby. Saije co Beau was the name that I came up with. I also wanted to bring some light to my baby’s name, I didn't want people to hear our daughter's name and attach sadness to it. Her spirit was far from sad. Losing our first daughter during a pandemic and my job was a hassle. But God. Like period. If you constantly pray to Him and when I say pray, you can’t just have a relationship with God where you’re always asking for things, but you must show your gratitude and give Him all the praise.

I hope that my story can reflect how God has never given up on me. Pray and do your work. You also have to do your part. Self-love is the best love. Always remember God makes no mistakes, especially when he created you. Something I live by is taking a look at the trees outside, if you observe them, they all do not look the same. Some are taller with fewer branches, some have spots on them, some are thicker, some have more roots they are all different. God made trees, and He also made us. Love all your differences, and embrace them that’s the real beauty. Also if you feel less than, you can change that. Take care of your health! This will help with your self-love.

Move around, dance, play in makeup, dress up, feel your emotions, and always be the real you. Remember people only love you as much as you love yourself. When I am down emotionally, I always pray first. I also try deep breathing, which helps with my anxiety. Lately, when I realize tension in my body, I go for a nature walk and try to do anything that requires moving my body. Being stagnant doesn’t help me. I have overcome having low self-esteem about my complexion, losing my daughter, losing my job, and being homeless. Being called ugly and more. I know I've overcome this because my self-love is at 100%!

We all have something, but you can overcome that something with a little more self-love and prayer.

People can connect with me via Instagram @MOMMYSAIJE

I have so many things coming up, so expect more content and inspiration from me.

Keep Creating Creators!

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