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A Broken Heart Renewed by God

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I met Vee inside a Christian Women's Group on Facebook about two months ago. Me being my cheery self I introduced myself and was so happy to see she was recently baptized. Our conversations started so great! Through our online connection, we decided to communicate further. As we did we both discovered so much about each other. We have SO much in common. Why I'm just thinking I know a little about blogging. Vee reminded me when we spoke that my knowledge and passion for Christian Blogging were helpful. Today you meet and hear from the beautiful Vee!

My name is Vee Skripek. This year I am a senior at Penn State majoring in Business Marketing and Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I have been very involved at Penn State these past few years playing NCAA Division 3 volleyball, participating in Students About Living Truth (SALT), Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC), and the Sheetz Fellows Entrepreneurship program. During the summers, while have been in college, I have worked at Kohls and a local boutique in Altoona, PA called The Lowry Loft. Some of my hobbies include reading, fishing, traveling, and spending time with family.

I am a non-denominational Christian. I grew up going to a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Since then, I have been involved with Freedom Life-Centre County and Center City Church located in Altoona, PA.

I would explain my life in three words as loved, broken, and thriving.

Loved - Throughout my lifetime there was never a doubt that I wasn’t loved by God, friends, or family. From a very early age, I experienced God’s love. I enjoyed church every Sunday morning, vacation Bible school, church camps, and conversations about our Creator. When I was old enough to understand, someone explained to me who the Holy Spirit is. I was introduced to the power that was living inside of me. The same power that rose Jesus from the grave!

Broken - From my senior year of high school until my sophomore year in college, I went through a season full of temptation and intentional sin. Though I had to walk through some tough situations, in those years there was a purpose. I knew God was on my side the whole time; I just wasn’t seeking out the Lord wholeheartedly like I could have been. My first real relationship with a boy strayed me away from the plans God had for me. I asked the Lord for a sign about whether I should be in the relationship or not, God gave me the sign, and I didn’t take the hint as I should have. A few weeks later the man I thought would be my forever was my no more. Heartbreak, pain, suffering. Through it, all my God was with me writing out my story as a testimony that I now want to share with everyone.

Thriving - The moment the relationship that I thought I wanted for me ended. I made the commitment to God to live my life fully surrendered. Since then, I say that I am thriving. I would walk around my house at college saying, “I’m thriving,” “I’m thriving.” The reason for this was that I was living in right standing with God, and there is no other way that I wanted to live my life. He had prepared for me in a day I was ready for it. No more trying to make my plans and my own decisions, I let it up to God to do the rest. Sometimes you need to be broken to be built, and I did just that.

I'm proud of being baptized on my 21st birthday. This was one of my proudest moments. God laid it on my heart to get baptized on my 21st birthday during quarantine in April 2020. I did just that. Now I will forever get to tell the story of me leaving my past behind and walking into the new life God has set for me on my 21st birthday. I did something exactly the opposite of what the world would tell you to do. I chose to spend my 21st with my Savior, the only one who could make me whole. Another great accomplishment is going to be in the Spring of 2020 when I graduate from Penn State and also graduating as a Sheetz Fellow. Completing my major is going to be one of the biggest things I am proud of and I will forever be thankful for the opportunities I have obtained throughout my college career.

How have you learned to pray through hard times?

Surrendering my everything to God in the tough seasons of life is what has helped me through. Trusting that God already has my plans worked out and there is no reason to stress, worry, or be anxious about something God already has under control.

What businesses do you run?

I do not run my own business yet. I am graduating with a minor in Entrepreneurship in the Spring of 2020 from Penn State Altoona and I strongly believe God is going to use me in a way to encourage young adults in their faith! Not sure how yet, but I know there is purpose in everything God has for me. At the beginning of my freshman year of college, I never would have thought that I would ever become an entrepreneur but as I near graduation and expand my experiences I am starting to think that all along God has been preparing me for something.

One of the biggest moments I have had with God was when I was going through a break-up. I asked Him to show me if I should be with the man I was dating at the time or not. God made it very clear to me that I should not be with Him. At that moment, as my heart was enduring the most pain it has ever felt, my heart, my mind, my soul, my everything was longing for the Lord like never before. In my most broken vulnerable state, the only one I could look to was God to fill the void in my heart. There was no person, nothing, no experience, that would ever satisfy me like my Father in heaven would. At that moment, I committed to living my life according to the things He wanted for me rather than the things that I thought I wanted for me. I aligned my life to live in the right standing with the only one who could heal me and restore me. I started living my life righteous and pleasing to my God.

What do you believe you are sent here on earth to do?

I was sent here to be a disciple to others. I was made to walk every step in the path God has prepared for me, then do my best for him to make heaven crowded! I want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I want to see healing, breakthrough, and chains broken in the lives of the people that God perfectly places in my life.

What's your blog called?

My blog is called Thrivee. I am brand new to blogging, but I am willing to be taught, learn, and grow in whatever area I need to. I want to share my story.

I called my blog Thrivee because thrive is a word that I use to describe myself and I want to see others thrive as well. I relate this word to Proverbs 11:28, where it says, “The righteous will thrive like a green leaf.” I like this because I truly believe that if you live your life in the right standing with God you will thrive. And not just thrive but thrive like a green leaf. You flourish, you mature, you grow.

How can people connect with you?

Connect with me on social media! Instagram is my favorite: @veesummer_

What can they expect from you?

You can expect to be loved on, poured into, and informed about the goodness of our God! I want to encourage and inspire you. I want to be an example of a mini-Christ. I want to provide others with a place to be lifted up and motivated to express and grow their faith. I want to be a vessel for the Lord and be a resource to others to deepen the roots of our faith!

When you're down emotionally what did or do you do to keep going?

Prayer is always huge at that moment of defeat or brokenness. Call on the Lord, call on His mighty name and He will be there for you. Just like a phone call, God is always on the other end of the phone, you just need to pick up and start talking to Him. Although He already knows it all, He wants to hear it straight from you. Cry out, or put yourself in a position to let him speak to you, spend some undistracted quiet time with Him. He is the only one that is going to fill you up and make you strong in the times you feel weak. Lean on him. By prayer and petition, Philippians 4:6.

Drown out those emotions with worship music. If you need to cry, cry. Let it out but then come back to a place of reassurance from the Lord that you are going to be okay. You can put your trust in the Lord, you can ask for peace, and you can cast out any negative thoughts in the name of Jesus!

Soul ties! These are one of my favorite things to talk about but there is still so much to them that I don’t even know!

The soul is a combination of the heart, mind, and will. Soul ties are past experiences, people, or places that have affected our lives and have a place in our souls. There are God-given soul ties and there are ungodly soul ties. Overcoming soul ties includes healing from the Lord and time for that healing.

Heartbreak is something else I have overcome. I have been praying for healing for months now. My God is so good that He is a healer. He is a way maker. He is a God of love. He is a God of wholeness. He brought me through some seasons in my life that I thought I would be stuck in forever.

What encouragement would you give a woman who doesn’t know how to show self-love or self-care to herself?

God loves you. God wants to know you. He wants to give you an unconditional type of love that you will never find in anything else. God made you perfectly how you are. He made you in His image. Not in the image of what the world says is beautiful, but what the creator of this world calls beautiful. That’s who you are girl, you are beautiful. God loves you exactly how you are and He made you that way for a purpose. Don’t try to be anyone else than the strong, courageous, capable, honorable, and worthy woman that you are. You are wonderfully made despite what others think of you or what you think of yourself. I think you're wonderful and so does the God we serve.

How do you believe your story can encourage Christian women to pursue all things through Christ?

In my story, God gave me a taste of several different life lessons that I had to experience so that I can relate with others. I truly believe that and that is why I am so confident and open to sharing my story. I want every woman to know how capable she is even when we think that something is impossible. With God, the impossible is forever going to be possible. My story is going to help Christian women realize that they are not alone, they are not the only ones feeling what they are feeling. I want to create unity between Christian women. Some girls are going through the same trials they are and I was to inject the hope that they are going to get through it. We are going to overcome it.

Currently, I am a brand ambassador for several different Christian apparel companies! They are reliable companies and you can get a discount by using my referral codes! Shortly, I plan to make my merchandise and clothing line. Right now, I am trying to grow my reach and followers to share some Godly love! Tell your friends I would love to connect! Someday I plan to sell my clothing apparel to spread the good news of our Father in Heaven. Help me take this mission to the next level. I need all the support to make this possible. I would love for you to be on my Christian girl team as a believer!

Vee Skripek

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