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A Bible Devotional for Praise and Worship Leaders

Updated: Mar 29

Sitting at my desk at work, I heard God clearly say, "Today, I want you to share with other praise and worship leaders." Then, I answered, "Hmmm? Okay, God, well, share what exactly?" "Morgan, share what you have learned."

I have been doing praise and worship since I was about 17. I started with little knowledge or experience. I saw that people were good at talking in the middle of singing, and they had fancy runs. I told my mentor that I didn't feel like I was ready. Oh my gosh, y'all, I was so scared! I asked God if He thought I could do it? In my mind, I couldn't sing like them, and I expressed that to Him.

So, you're wondering what are we going to be devoted to? What's the devotional? This was when I had to go and dust off all my old journals because studying to be a praise and worship leader is not a light study. So, yes, this is a long study and devotional, but I encourage you to stay engaged, and if you need to take a break and come back, please do that. Take each scripture and create your own Bible study.

There is a need for real worship leaders in the Body of Christ. Leaders who can sing and bring the Word of God to the worship experience. We will cover three main things in this post today. In this post, we will discuss things to avoid as a worship leader, mentor, and child of God.

Through Bible study, we will define our positions bionically, grow closer to God, and study to bring the people under the sounds of our voices to where and what God has shown us.

Now, before we get started, I want to be transparent. I am not a perfect singer, I am not speaking as a professional, and I am simply following the leading of the Holy Spirit. I pray that you find other praise and worship leaders and have them read this. Now is our time to come away with God. I hear the spirit of the Lord saying to all leaders, "It's time!" It is time for us leaders to get back to preparing the night before the worship. Please, when I first started singing, I would read the Bible and ask for revelation. I could see the difference in my singing and the flow of the service because I laid myself down. What I see now is people preparing for worship by picking songs. Let's stop this! I know I am not perfect, but as your sister in Christ, I am encouraging you to get back to the basics of worship! It all starts with you and Him. Let's get started!

Biblical Ways of Praise

Most of my references from this section will be from the Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare MANUAL - A comprehensive guide to Living Free by John Eckhardt.

Chapter 10 entitled, "The Weapons of Your Warfare," Section One - Praise and Worship, page 15, says:

Barak: (Judg. 5:2; Ps. 72:12-15) - meaning to kneel, bless, salute. To remember joyfully - He is the source of all your blessings.

Halal: (Ps. 22:23, 26; 34:2; 35:18, 44:8; 56:4; 63:5; 69:30, 34; 74:21; 84:4; 148:1-7; 150:1-6) - meaning to make noise; to shine or make glorious; to rave, celebrate, boast, to be clamorously foolish. This is the most commonly translated word for praise, word praise in the Old Testament. Hallelujah is combination of halal and jah.

Study Tools: Search your Bible and find references for the scriptures above.

Ask yourself these questions.

How have I applied this in my leadership?

How can I apply these to my leadership?

How can I invite my brothers and sisters to join me in this kind of worship?

I pray that you truly look these forms of worship up and that you will find yourself in them. Ask how you can apply them and then pray and be silent as you wait on the Lord to describe the way He wants to see worship lead in this "New Normal."

Keep Creating, Creators!

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