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Five Ways To Use Your "Make Prayer Work Journal"

Updated: Mar 30

It's great to be back to writing. I took a small break from writing blogs to focus on our Bible Essentials Class. After making the class Bible 101 Basics, we learned how to study the Bible basics. We understand your desire to read your word. So, we have designed a class to learn various ways to study the Bible. This course will teach you the basics of studying the Bible. This class goes over various Bibles, plans, and products. You may order our Bible Essentials Box located in the SHOP. We are excited to walk with you on your journey to learning the word of God.

Before we jump into today's topic if you haven't purchased your journal stop, what are you doing?

Go purchase your Make Prayer Work journal linked here.

While making this journal, I tossed and turned with how I needed to make it work for you all. I discovered that when I listed out Bible scriptures with my prayers, I heard clearly. It's easy to say that you want to hear from God, but if you pray without the Word of God. It will be very hard. So my journal is comprised of nine categories to pray in.

-Family Prayers

-Spouse Prayers

-Corporate Prayers

-Friend Prayers

-Personal Prayers

-Church Prayers

-Children Prayers

-Neighbor Prayers

-International Prayers

There are several pages and lines for your prayers, Bible verses, dates, times, and when they have been answered. Here are five ways to use your prayer journal.

1. Keep Track of Dates and Times

When you look back, at certain times, you have written something down, you realize you've been impacted by the date. Often when you look at dates on writing, you can find yourself stunned and surprised. The date you put down was months ago or even the very date you're currently reviewing it. I realized that when I pray aloud, I can't pinpoint the day I prayed that prayer. The prayer journal allows you to do that. It allows you to date when you prayed for something and even the time. Dates and Times are essential to living. On important documents, we have to date and time stamp. It's a track record for important filings. While I was in prayer the Lord reminded me of this very thing. Why only record the times that you signed a form and not my blessings or my rewards? I heard him say, "I want to be documented too as I've always been in your life." Without hesitation, I began dating and timing my prayers. Low and behold when I went to review my prayer book, I saw that the Lord was moving quickly through these prayers. I wasn't watching him do it now as I keep track of what he said. He kept record better than me. Using your prayer journal to date and the time your prayers will enhance your relationship with the Lord to the highest you haven't expected.

2. Create Your Vision & Prayer Goals

Creating a vision board is my favorite thing to do every single year. I have been learning to add to my boards throughout the year as my vision expands. When my vision expanded it usually happened unexpectedly, and I hadn't had the time to document it. But that didn't mean I couldn't cast my vision. So, I added a portion into the journal that allows you to make what I call prayer goals or prayer visions. You can imagine what your prayer life would look like. What it would feel like and how you're going to achieve it. Every year we think of ways to surprise our mothers on mother's day to enhance the relationship and to ultimately let them know how appreciative we are. Casting a vision of your prayer life is the same thing. How do you see your relationship growing, and what does it look like. Your journal helps you capture the vision in one place.

3. Write Out Your Prayers

Write what you're asking him to do in your life. You can ask for anything because he says that in his word. "Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" (Mark 11:24). The Lord wants you to see what you asked for and what he's already provided. He has already done something you've asked about, and you can't see it because you can't remember. "But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you" (Matthew 6:6). This passage describes a way to pray. In your secret place, you can write them in your secret journal just for you.

4. Connect Your Sunday Sermon To Your Prayers

Every Sunday, we have been watching sermons online since quarantine. But even when we were in the church house we listened intentionally. I realized one day when I was using my prayer journal that one of my prayers I prayed was that the Lord would open my heart to receive what he wanted from me even if it wasn't what I wanted. I noticed that my pastor repeated my prayer right out of his mouth with the answer I was looking for. So, I created a section in the prayer journal that allows you to jot down the sermon title, Bible verses, and where your prayers correlate with the message. This is my favorite part because it reminds you that the Lord hears you.

Pass It Down

What I want is this. Give your prayer journal away when it's full. Reserve this journal for your children, grandchildren, and more to come. Remind all of your children and family that the Lord answers the prayer of our hearts, and he is true to hear us.

Purchase your Make Prayer Work journal today!

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